Simple Cost Management For Serverless Architectures

Visualize, optimize, and predict your Serverless costs on AWS.

Costless empowers development teams to take control of their Serverless costs.

Reduce Cloud Spend

While Serverless Architectures often cost a fraction of more traditional cloud architectures, spend can still add up when spread across compute, database, API management, and more. Costless provides granular cost information for the AWS services that exist across your Serverless architecture as well as intelligent suggestions on how you can reduce costs and optimize spend.

Understand and Collaborate on Cost

Cost management is rarely the concern of a single individual on Serverless teams. From predicting costs during the architecting phase, to optimizing costs during scale up, Costless provides a single source of truth for everyone on the team to view, manage, and optimize Serverless costs.

Cost Data Never Leaves Your Environment

The Costless service can be deployed from within your AWS environment via a CloudFormation Stack. This allows you to maintain complete control over your data and environment.

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Detailed Cost Visualization Dashboard

The Costless dashboard visualizes cost data such as:

  • Individual Lambda function breakdown by cost, memory usage, and execution time
  • DynamoDB table and index breakdown by total cost, storage use, and the amount of provisioned vs. consumed capacity
  • Total cost and request count for each endpoint within API Gateway

Graphs to visualize cost trends over time

View daily cost trends across your entire Serverless Architecture. Easily filter the information that you want to see by selecting the time period and AWS services.
By gaining a better understanding of your cost trends, you can optimize spend and predict future costs more easily.

Coming soon – We are working on the following features!

Notification to Slack / Email

Notify cost information of AWS resources at a specific time. It allows you to monitor if your application is incurring any unexpected costs.

Supporting more AWS services

Currently, we are supporting Lambda, API Gateway and DynamoDB. We will support more AWS services such as CloudWatch Logs, Kinesis, S3, and so on.

Recommendations for optimization

Recommends optimal settings for parameters that affects costs, such as DynamoDB Billing mode and CloudWatch Logs’ log retention period, based on your cost trends.

Billing Alert

Alerts when costs exceeded thresholds that you have set. It prevents unexpected costs from some unintentional cause.

Team management

Team Management will be designed to be used by teams. It helps you to share an AWS account’s cost information for multiple users and invite them into your project.


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